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Something “Off”

Random Write #1

A rainy night and a misplaced figure can’t ever lead to anything good.

Read now: Something “Off”

This is the first instalment in the Random Writes series, which is going to make up most of the blog from here on out. They’re not all going to be this short, most are actually going to be longer.

The basic idea behind these is that I’m saving new long-form content for a collection I’ve started curating and so will start posting shorter pieces to the blog. That being said, there will be the occasional long-form piece as well as new parts to existing series.


  1. Shiven Gandhi Shiven Gandhi

    I really liked it. Great change of pace.

  2. Adish Adish


  3. Yad Yad

    Excellent my friend Ajinkya. U r oooowesome.

  4. Yashu Garg Yashu Garg

    God bless you ajinkya

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