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Want a dedicated critique and edit of your short story? Email me your story as a word document or a PDF at I’ll give you a free price quote, and you can see if you want to continue from there. Everyone will get the following done by default, but if you want certain specific things not done for whatever reason (to lower the price, because you think you can do that yourself – whatever), just mention that in the email and I’ll take it into account.

What You’ll Get


You’ll be sent a Microsoft Word document (.doc or .docx) with the following edits made in the ‘track changes’ panel:

Grammar (including, but not limited to)

  • Sentence fragments
  • Subject-verb agreement
  • Verb tense
  • Pronoun agreement
  • Misplaced modifiers

Punctuation (including, but not limited to)

  • Periods
  • Commas
  • Semicolons
  • Colons
  • Question and exclamation marks
  • Quotation marks
  • Dashes
  • Ellipsis
  • Apostrophes

Word Usage

  • Commonly misuses words, for example, there/their/they’re, or, affect/effect
  • Clearly incorrect word choice

Clear and Consistent Use Of

  • Abbreviations
  • Acronyms
  • British English or American English


  • Rewriting sentences to convey their meaning better
  • Modifications to the style of writing, for example, changing a witty tone to a serious one in a sad moment
  • Spelling
  • Capitalisation
  • Hyphenation
  • Formats, for example, now numbers are written (45 versus forty-five)



 Your story will be scored on the following parameters, and advice to help you improve will be given wherever appropriate:


  • 6: Outstanding start and is instantly captivating; hooks the reader right off the bat
  • 5: Well-crafted beginning which makes the reader want to read on
  • 4: Appropriate and intriguing beginning, but could use some work in making the reader want to read on
  • 3: Room for improvement; clearly not the best feature of the story
  • 2: Flat, boring beginning; needs a lot of work
  • 1: Poorly opening, an early let down; complete rewrite recommended


  • 4: Totally apt and satisfying; doesn’t lack much
  • 3: Ending fits well with the story, but its execution could be improved
  • 2: Both the ending and the execution can be improved, but the premise is fine
  • 1: Terrible ending which doesn’t do justice to the story


  • 3: Extremely captivating; intrigues the reader
  • 2: Title describes the story nicely, but doesn’t spike the reader’s interest instantly/completely
  • 1: Drab title that says little to nothing about the story

Plot/Storyline/Theme (covers how the story was developed and the progression of events as well)

  • 5: Interestingly crafted course; well executed
  • 4: Good plot, but execution could use some minor touch-ups
  • 3: Well thought-out storyline, but the execution needs some sharpening
  • 2: Familiar situation, albeit one that has been executed well
  • 1: Clichéd plot with poor execution


  • 5: Unique, believable and memorable characters; all, if not most, make the reader develop a strong opinion about them
  • 4: Easy to understand and recognise; reader mainly cares about the main character (MC) and, possibly, one or two supporting characters
  • 3: A mixture of characters – some are developed well, while others lack authenticity or believability
  • 2: Stock characters, who have been extremely overused
  • 1: Unconvincing, poorly developed characters who weaken the story



All editorial and critiquing comments given will be fully explained, so you can make an educated decision as to whether or not you want to take them.

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