Dystopian Sci-Fi

She walked past the fence and glided into the house with ease. The gate hadn’t been unlocked, but the lock posed little hindrance to her. As she walked further into the sleeping house, this strange feeling passed over her – a certain sense of déjà-vu. The sensation was so strong she had to stop for a second, overwhelmed by her body’s strange response. She shook her head, deciding to observe her surroundings to take her mind of off things. But that didn’t help. The kitchen made her feel a strange sense of longing, while the living room opposite it made her feel as though what she was about to do was very, very wrong.

Then a rush of static through her earpiece broke through her strange musings, forcing her to concentrate on the present. “Why have you stopped, A-24?”, came their piercing inquiry.

For the first time since waking up, she felt something from inside herself telling her to lie to her superiors. “I thought I saw something out of my peripheral vision, sir.”

Silence ensued as she waited for them to tell her they knew the truth, that they knew she was lying, that they knew she recognised this place.

“Nearby cameras can’t see any threats; you are clear to go. Proceed, A-24.”

She straightened her shoulders and marched up the stairs, batting away any thoughts of doubt or guilt that began to creep into her brain. She needed to concentrate on the task at hand.