Hi, I’m Ajinkya

I’m a connoisseur of words, cultivator of language, and about thirty percent coffee (that’s fancy talk for writer, editor, and massive coffee consumer). If I’m not writing, I’d probably be: on the basketball court; curled up in a corner with just the right amount of shadow and light, reading; binge watching some TV show; or in bed, sleeping.

Every two weeks, I try to come up with a new article on the topic, ‘the unpopular, but more logical side of everything’; I’ve conveniently nicknamed these myth busters. Every week or so, I publish a new writing tip. Every now and then, a personal development and/or tech article goes up.

As in when these are published, my subscribers get an email containing these posts, depending on their interests. They also get occasional excerpts from my upcoming book, Frozen Summer. Curious? Join below (you’ll also get a free copy of The Complete Guide to Cognitive Biases and One Word, One Plot: How to come up with an entire plot using just one word).

This is the site I use to host all of the extras I use in my blog posts.

To read the actual blog, go here: bit.ly/AjinkyaGoyal

Yes, I did put in all this effort (logo, header image, etc.) purely for an extras site. I want it to look good in order to keep up the good impression readers get when they read my content.