Hi, I’m Ajinkya

It’s a simple concept. Coupling your already great content with optimised writing will make your message clearer and get your point across to your readers more effectively, leaving them craving more. And, because everyone wants to be an authority in their space, they’ll share your easy to understand, all-encompassing posts wherever they can.

With that in mind, I present to you…

15 Days to Better Writing

Get instant access to a free writing course to help you definitively become a better writer in just 15 days. With short, simple, and to-the-point tips in every instalment, anyone can keep up and see great results effortlessly.

I’ll teach you how to jazz up your title to attract readers, techniques to employ make your posts effortless to read (while still keeping all the information and not foregoing your style) so that readers understand more, how to increase shareability of your posts, how to make them dominant in your niche, how to incentivise readers to sign up for your email list, and loads more.

But why should you care? What good would all this do to you?

Well, how does over seven hundred new signups in less than a week sound?
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The list goes on. I can teach you how to mould your writing to generate results like these without sounding like a sleezy salesman, just in it for the signups and without losing your own distinctive style of writing (and more) for free, in just fifteen days, taking around five minutes of your time each day.

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