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Fiction is the truth in the lie

~Stephen King

Okay, I’m going to sidetrack from the main aim of this page to say that Stephen King is my favourite author.

And I’m not talking about his all-out horror ones like The Shining or It (coincidentally also the title of one of my stories). I’m referring to his works like The Outsider, The Body, Apt Pupil, etc.

King just sort of has a way of meticulously stringing a whole bunch of words together, and presenting them to you in this wonderful package that provides you with an escape from whatever life you’re leading. That’s what I think reading is: a break. An opportunity to put the world on hold, a time when nothing else matters because you’re reading.
I just hope I can give you that kind of experience too.


You know, I’ve always found that my favourite lines from stories aren’t the conventional ones with lots of meaning that everyone appreciates. They’re always the ones that seem to have no significance at all – those are the ones that resonate with me.

In fact, my favourite line from anything that I’ve ever read is “It is what it is, and it is shit", from Stephen King’s The Body. If you ask me to justify my selection, I’d be at a loss for words, but the choice still stands. I love that line, and hold a glimmer of hope that you’ll find your favourite in my works.



Talk to you real soon,
Ajinkya Goyal